Tuesday, March 26, 2019

York: Fisherman's Walk

Fisherman's Walk is a flat, level walking path along the tidal York River, and connects York Village to York Harbor. You can continue on over Wiggley Bridge and into Steedman Woods.

The walk is quite easy, but finding it is a bit of a challenge, and parking can be a challenge too (except as noted below).

From York Village, continue down York St. / Route 1A towards York Harbor. You can park on this street in the vicinity of the Post Office (on your right), but not in their parking lot. Some sections are signed for one hour parking, some for two hour parking. (Note: Parking here puts you right in the middle between Fisherman's Walk and Cliff Walk. Leave your car here to explore both). 

Locate Verrell Lane, just before the Post Office, same side of the street. Walk down this short lane to the end. The entrance to Fisherman's Walk is not signed, and certainly not obvious. You pass between the white curved-top gate and the yellowing stone wall (see arrow below).

The entrance to Fisherman's Walk

Kathy looks down the entrance path. It is only visible from this perspective.

There is a sign halfway along the entrance path, well worn. When the foliage is out, it will probably be obscured unless you look closely.

You emerge from this little path onto the walk. It heads northwest along the river, the route is well kept and obvious from here.

Fisherman's Walk

When you reach the paved cul-de-sac of Barrell Ln, there is one public picnic table right on the water available here. The Fisherman's Walk ends here, but the path continues to Wiggley Bridge and Steedman Woods. 

Walk up Barrell Ln, past the Sayward-Wheeler House (there is an interpretive sign), the path exits to your left and there are several concrete steps. Follow the path towards the bridge. At the bridge, turn to the right to go up onto Route 103, or turn to the left, and you can pass under Route 103 - a much safer choice.

Passing under Route 103, continue along a long wooden pier up to the causeway to Wiggley Bridge.

Cross Wiggley Bridge to access Steedman Woods park, with a nice walking loop.

Cost: Free
Hours: none posted
Pets: Allowed on leash
Picnic potential: One table at Barrell Lane cul-de-sac
Rest rooms: None on the walk, but public restrooms nearby at York Harbor / Cliff Walk parking lot, within walking distance
Accessibility: Excellent. Three steps on pathway where it exits Barrell Lane, other than that flat and smooth.